Get Recognized for Your Supermarket’s Marketing and Merchandising Campaign

December 5, 2017

There’s no doubt that independent grocers put on some of the most creative campaigns to help attract shoppers and build customer loyalty. Best of all, companies can get industry-wide recognition for their hard work. Below are just a few examples of last year’s Creative Choice Awards winners.

Cash Wise built the world’s largest pineapple display featuring more than 16,800—two full truckloads—of Dole pineapples. The middle of the display even featured a 15-foot volcano, complete with smoke rising from the top. Learn more.

West Seattle Thriftway showed off their gourmet cheese department with a first-ever “Fromage Fantastique” sale for three days. Between in-store tastings, demos, and “Rip Cards” used to promote the event, shoppers are crazy for cheese now. Learn more.

Newport Avenue Market held a massive celebration of all things beef to celebrate their 30-year partnership with Oregon Country Beef. Shoppers were able to experience live country music and dancing, free hot dogs, and roping lessons for party “rarely this well done.” Learn more.

Broulim’s Fresh Foods helped get shoppers excited about online grocery shopping after providing access to products through click-and-collect at the store or by delivery. So they hired a film crew to visit the homes of five online customers to capture their enthusiasm for the new program. Learn more.

Now it’s your turn to earn recognition as an industry leader. If your company put on a creative campaign or program, we want to know about it! Submission categories include:


 Marketing Categories:

  • Connections through Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • Connections through TV and Radio
  • Connections through Print
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign
  • Grand Opening or Remodel
Merchandising Categories:

  • Single Manufacturer Event
  • Store Event
  • Public Service or Charitable Cause Event
  • Center Store/GM/HBC
  • Perimeter Departments (Dairy, Deli, Bakery, Floral, and Frozen)

Submissions are due Monday, December 11, 2017. Even better, there’s no entry fee thanks to sponsors Kellogg’s and Unilever, so don’t delay!


Store Director Ranji Lachmensing