6 Tips For Creating a Winning Creative Choice Awards Entry

November 16, 2018

NGA Creative Choice Awards


Nov 16, 2018

The NGA Creative Choice Awards are the perfect opportunity to showcase your store’s successes on a national stage and with one more month to submit entries, there’s no time like the present to start crafting your submissions.  With hundreds of marketing campaigns and merchandising events submitted across ten categories, it’s imperative to make your entry stand out from the competition. Follow the steps below to create a winning entry that will ensure you catch the judges’ attention.

6 Tips for Creative Choice Awards Success1.  Tell Your Story

Sales results are crucial to a winning entry, but equally crucial is the background on why you chose to run the promotion or campaign. Were your sales lagging and you needed a boost in a specific department? Did you receive local inspiration? Maybe a specific manufacturer or product pushed your creative limits?   Your story helps set you apart from stiff competition and is an important aspect for the judges to discuss when evaluating your submission.


2.  Don’t Forget the Details

Successful submissions always include business outcomes, changes in behavior and concrete results. Don’t forget to send us the details so that the judges know why your submission is the best of the best in marketing or merchandising.


3.  A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

After you’ve done a great job explaining your promotion, make sure to send us a link with pictures, videos and examples to help us envision your submission.


4.  Select the Correct Categories

With ten different marketing and merchandising categories to pick from, it can be hard to decide which is the best fit for your campaign or promotion. Read each category description carefully and think about how your promotion fits before selecting. Remember, you are able to select multiple categories for your entry so pick the 1, 2, or three that you feel best represent your success!


5.  Don’t Miss the Deadline

All Creative Choice entries are due by December 17, 2018. Successful entries are often crafted before the deadline so that staff members can edit, review and modify before formally submitting.


6.  Plan Ahead

The Creative Choice Awards is a year-round competition. Check out our Holiday Timeline for ideas on food themed events that you can incorporate into your marketing and merchandising efforts. It’s never too early to start planning your submissions for next year!


For more information about the NGA Creative Choice Awards please visit www.ngacreativechoice.com.