NGA Creative Choice Awards Categories

Marketing Categories

Connections through Social Media
Are you trending? Enter your best and brightest social media marketing campaigns that connected with customers and increased your sales. Examples include Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Snapchat, and more. Don’t forget to let us know how you defined success with your social media initiative, whether it be event attendees, engagements, impressions, an increase in followers, or other key performance indicators.


Connections through Digital Marketing or Mobile
How are you using the digital space to enhance your customer engagement and hit your sales goals? Share with us how you’re telling your story and reaching you customers in new and fun ways in the digital space. Submissions may include email campaigns, website enhancements, blogs, digital ads, texting initiatives, and more. Campaigns focusing on social media should see category #1.


Traditional Media – TV or Radio
Has your company been a TV or radio star? Submit your original TV or radio ad (cannot be more than 60 seconds in length) and tell us how and why this exposure yielded positive results for your business. All entries in this category must have been broadcasted. Videos that were created for online platforms should be submitted in category #1.


Traditional Media – Print
Read all about it! Enter your best-performing print pieces of the year and tell the judging committee why it pays to print. Submitted entries can be either black and white or color, any size or format. Item and price newspaper advertisements, pre-printed inserts, flyers, and publications, are accepted. Entries should include specifics metrics on how a print campaign impacted customer engagement or sales.


Grand Opening or Remodel
Put your best foot forward as you brag about your new or remodeled store in this category. Any form of media is accepted, as long as marketing submissions support a store opening or remodel announcement.


Merchandising Categories

Local, Specialty or Emerging Products
What new and exciting products are you merchandising in your store? Tell us how you’re engaging shoppers through creative merchandising set-ups, demonstrations, recipes, partnerships and more to introduce local, specialty or emerging products to your customers.


Seasonal Store Event
Calling all seasonal and holiday events! From center store to the frozen aisle and everywhere in-between, what are you doing in your store to celebrate the changing of seasons, upcoming holidays, anniversaries, or local celebrations? Both in-store and parking lot/off-site event entries are welcome. Submissions should focus on a single season or holiday with evidence on how each involved department contributed to the event’s merchandising strategy and sales of the emphasized product(s). Note: for events related to a public service or charity, please see category #8.


Community Engagement
Independent grocers are the cornerstones of their communities and are constantly finding new ways to give back in the areas they serve. Entries in this category should demonstrate the ways the store(s) served a need within their community and engaged their shoppers to participate. Submission may include events, sponsorships, buy-one-give-one promotions and more.


Center Store/Frozen/GM/HBC
What’s going on in your aisles? This category takes a closer look at excellence in merchandising in center store, frozen, general merchandise, beauty, or healthy living products. Submissions should feature concepts and/or display visuals that created excitement in any of these departments. Entries should specifically explain how merchandising efforts converted the shopper in these high margin categories (includes all edible and non-edible consumer packaged goods).


Fresh Departments
(includes Meat/Dairy/Deli/Bakery/Floral/Produce)
Last but not least! Tell us about innovative merchandising happening in your fresh departments. These submissions should highlight sales of a product or product line in produce, meat, dairy, deli, bakery, or floral. Be sure to provide visuals and any significant sales outcomes.


Special Recognition

Kellogg Fighting Hunger and Feeding Potential Award

Kellogg’s passion for and commitment comes to life in myriad ways through our Breakfasts for Better Days™ global signature cause platform. These efforts integrate our nutrition hunger relief, sustainability and public policy work to address the critical worldwide issue of food security.
Winners of this award would design and execute programs designed around these pillars:
Feeding People in Need
Addressing Food Security
Reducing Food loss & Waste
Charitable Donations


Unilever Sustainable Living Award
Unilever’s mission is to make sustainable living commonplace (see the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan here), but we cannot do it alone. We will recognize the company demonstrating the steps they’ve taken to reduce their environmental footprint or increase their social impact. This could include (but not limited to) programs or strategies to reduce waste, recycle, create renewable energy, foster diversity & inclusion, provide community health & well-being, etc.

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