The Shelby Report: Great Falls’ Everyday IGA Stores Ready To Launch E-Commerce Program

July 6, 2022

All things considered, Rich Chadwick’s two Everyday IGA stores in Great Falls, Montana, and Teeple’s IGA in Browning are enjoying a strong state and local economy.

“I think the economy has grown in Great Falls. I think wages have grown quite a lot in the Great Falls area,” said Chadwick, adding that there are several multi-family housing projects under way in the area, “which is something that hasn’t happened in years.”

“I think the economy for Great Falls and Cascade County, and really the state of Montana, is on fire.”

Chadwick has worked in the grocery industry for about 45 years, getting his start at an Albertsons while in high school. He’s been an independent retailer for about 27 years.

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