Strack and Van Til Honors 134 Employees with Thousands of Years of Combined Experience During Annual Years of Service Luncheon

May 2, 2022

On Thursday, April 26, Strack & Van Til hosted its annual Years of Service Luncheon, which honored staff members who have worked with the company for 15 to 50 years.

There were 134 associate honorees in all, with 111 of those honorees in attendance at the event. In total, 47 staff members were being honored for 15 years of service, 29 honorees with 20 years, 13 with 25 years, 17 with 30 years, 16 with 35 years, eight with 40 years, three with 45 years, and one with 50 years.

Each group of honorees was gathered together for a group photo. Honorees with over 40 years of experience were called to the front with their store directors, who each gave a brief speech about the honorees’ life both inside and outside of work.

“We have 134 people that are being recognized with over thousands of years of service, it’s a pretty incredible feat. This is part of our culture at Strack & Van Til. These people have been around and they’ve been through good times and not-so-good times, but they’ve always pulled through and helped make the company successful,” said CEO Jeff Strack.

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