Schools Out for Summer

June 27, 2018

School is out for summer and with homework no longer on the table, summer is the perfect time to set out and cook with your little ones. In addition to spending time with your child, there are many benefits to having your children learn how to cook. It provides you with an opportunity to teach them food safety techniques, talk about health and ways to live a balanced life, learn new math concepts, such as measurements, hear about family heritage – and the list goes on. Whether you have a junior chef on your hands or a novice, here are some tips from the dietitian at Unilever to help you and your little one create fun memories in the kitchen!

Even young kids can pitch in by dunking tea bags in water to make Lipton® unsweetened iced tea. Older children can handle a sturdy serrated plastic knife to slice textured fresh produce such as oranges or apples for delicious and fruity non-alcoholic Lipton® Harvest Sangria

Make sure all children know what’s hot. Kid-size oven mitts and cooking tools are a plus. Use nonslip stools so that little kids are at the correct height to perform tasks safely at the counter.

When kids come up with their own recipes, it can be a win for the whole family. Using the Knorr® Sides to Center technique, invite children to choose their favorite vegetables and lean protein to combine with Knorr® Rice Sides™ or Knorr® Pasta Sides™. The result is a nutritious main meal that should make your kid chef proud. Check out this Garden Market Chicken recipe or click here for more inspiration (

Encouraging kids to cook can help instill a lifelong passion for healthy eating. Children can lend a hand preparing a delicious Spinach Dip using Hellmann’s® Mayonnaise.

“Dip recipes are easy to make with the help of the whole family and are also fun to eat, especially with a variety of fresh vegetables and whole grain crackers,” says Gina Ruskie, RDN, Nutrition and Health Manager at Unilever.

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