NGA Urges Repeal of NLRB Ambush Election Rule

April 20, 2018

Arlington, VA – The National Grocers Association (NGA), the national trade association representing the independent supermarket industry, filed comments with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) urging for the repeal or modification of a 2014 Election Rule, known as the “Quickie” Ambush Election Rule. The rule drastically made changes to the long-standing policies that governed union election processes in the workplace by shortening the time between the filing of a petition for a union election and the election day to as few as eight days. The rule also requires employers to disclose employees’ personal information, such as home address, email address and work schedules to union organizers.

“NGA strongly believes the only way for employees to make an informed decision about whether to be represented by a union or not is to have an election process and procedure that provides an opportunity to hear the views of both the union and the employer,” said NGA EVP of Advocacy, Public Relations, and Member Services Greg Ferrara. “In addition to ensuring fair and adequate time for elections, the NLRB should adopt provisions safeguarding an employee’s privacy. Simply put, requiring the employer, without the consent of the employee, to provide personal information such as home address and phone number, is a gross invasion of one’s privacy.”

Comments were filed Wednesday, April 18 on behalf of NGA by Conn Maciel & Carey LLP. To view the comments, click here.