New Logo and Image Enhance Independents’ Mission for the Future

May 19, 2021

By Greg Ferrara, NGA President and CEO

The National Grocers Association is the singular voice for the true entrepreneurs of the food industry –independent community grocers and wholesalers who model business leadership and a strong commitment to civic life while providing their neighbors quality goods and nourishing foods. 

As we look to the future, NGA aims to convey to every audience, from Main Street to Capitol Hill, the true story of this dynamic industry and its impact on the communities it serves.  

To carry the colors, as it were, we are excited to roll out a comprehensive rebranding platform for our association. The first such image enhancement since NGA was founded in 1982, the new logo, refreshed graphics and color package, and enhanced messaging firmly states to the industry and the public our support and advocacy for independent community grocers and their trading partners. 

The goal is to reinforce our mission: to ensure independent, community-focused retailers and wholesalers have the opportunity to succeed and better serve consumers through our policies, advocacy, programs and services. 

The visual identity and repositioned messaging were created by a D.C.-based branding and marketing agency, assisted by NGA staff and with input from a task force composed of NGA-member operators. The central organizing theme of NGA’s rebranding is centered around the association’s new tag line, “At the Heart of the Community,” which illustrates the importance of independent community grocers to their markets as drivers of the economy as well as supporters of local families.  

To that end, our messaging in the marketplace, to the media and on Capitol Hill will focus on our common mission: to provide the resources and peer-generated insights that help members compete in a highly competitive marketplace and fulfill their vital role in the community; deliver powerful advocacy and ensure fair competition; and help grocers bring choice, convenience and value to hard-working Americans. 

Independent grocers are deeply rooted in the communities they serve, so it’s imperative our audiences hear their voice and appreciate the value they offer — as local retailers, as employers, as trend spotters, as industry innovators and as the food industry’s true entrepreneurs. 

From the four corners of local grocery stores to the four corners of this nation, we’re honored to continue advocating for the independent grocery industry under this new brand.