Innovation and Collaboration that Make an Impact

September 5, 2018

Independent grocers wear multiple different hats. Staying ahead of the curve can mean many things, especially to independent supermarket operators, who have a unique set of challenges and opportunities in the food retail industry. It’s widely accepted that senior retail executives must have broad experience in marketing, finance, and operations – while maintaining strong relationships with wholesalers, manufacturers and service suppliers.

One area that continues to evolve and profoundly impact the retail grocery business is technology. Virtually every detail of the supermarket industry is being touched by new technology solutions. A great example can be found in how retailers, wholesalers and their suppliers collaborate to deploy new consumer facing technology to make the shopping experience more relevant and productive.

Over the past few years, retailers, wholesalers and their suppliers have been collaborating to utilize big data and deploy new consumer facing technology to make the shopping experience more relevant and productive. While online sales may be a small but growing fraction of retail sales, consumers are clearly engaging online in a variety of ways and independent grocers cannot afford to miss out. In an effort to improve the shopper experience, we are learning a new way to understand how people react to loyalty programs, online coupons, online shopping, and dozens of other subjects. We’ve come a long way but still have much to learn. Those retailers that are on the forefront of utilizing new technologies and embracing this consumer are positioning themselves for success. And, the collaboration between retailers and suppliers is paramount for both ends to have a successful operation.

At NGA we believe that technology and collaboration are critical to the success of our independent supermarket operators. Smaller retailers, no less than the large-scale chains, must stay on top of technology trends, all while continuing to develop and strengthen relationships with their trading partners. That’s why we have launched the Independent Impact Summit and Trading Partners Live!, held in Washington, DC, October 24 – 26, 2018. It’s an excellent opportunity for independents to explore high level, thought leadership issues while discovering new opportunities with manufacturers, service suppliers and wholesalers to help independents grow their business. For more information on the Independent Impact Summit & Trading Partners Live!, visit