Independent Grocers Helping to Ensure the Resilience of our Nation’s Food Supply Chain

March 13, 2020


Independent Grocers Helping to Ensure the Resilience of our Nation’s Food Supply Chain

By: Greg Ferrara, NGA President & CEO

Local, independent supermarkets are stepping up their efforts to support their communities during this time of need.  During this COVID-19 public health emergency, supermarkets across the country are experiencing unprecedented demands throughout stores and through their e-commerce sites.  As supplies are depleted, America’s supply chain, among the most efficient in the world, is pushing more product to stores as fast as possible.  Food supplies are plentiful throughout the supply chain and are being replenished continuously to meet the demand.  Although some consumers may experience temporary out of stocks in some categories or brands, such as hand sanitizer and paper goods,  stores are re-filling shelves as quickly as possible.  Supermarket associates are working diligently to quickly restock shelves and clean stores.  And, while consumers may find purchase limits on some products that are in high demand, such as toilet paper and cleaning supplies, this is simply to ensure as many customers as possible are able to purchase what they need.

It’s important to recognize our members’ employees who are working overtime on the front lines in stores and behind the scenes in distribution centers, as well as across the open roads in trucks to support and service consumers.  Many consumers have commented how appreciative they are to see smiling and helpful faces during these very busy times in their local independent supermarket.  Please take a moment to thank these team members for their awesome efforts!

While our nation is facing a new crisis that we have not previously faced, it’s important for us all to remain calm and not panic.  Our industry has faced emergencies before from hurricanes to earthquakes, and fires to floods.  We are experienced and prepared to continue serving our communities as our members do each and every day.  Our nation’s food supply and supply chain is very strong, well stocked and will continue to work at the highest capacity to supply stores.  Taking care of our communities is what independent supermarkets do best.  Thank you to the millions of customers who continue to support our local stores each and every day and for your continued patience during this time.