Broken Brackets, Easter Baskets, and Spring Beginnings

April 4, 2018

Spring is finally here and while the excitement of March Madness and Easter is behind us, it seems like everybody is ready for a fresh start! For retailers, spring and summer often marks a time to take advantage of seasonal campaigns to drive foot traffic and build on sales.

These next few months will be full of opportunities to feature great seasonal produce, tasty items for the holidays and create a unique shopping experience in stores.

In an era of multi-channel retail competition, effective marketing, promotions, and merchandising can be key differentiators that separate the leaders from the rest of the pack.  Successful promotional activities increase sales, create excitement around your store and, most importantly, develop customer loyalty.

Independent grocers know how important it is to stay ahead of rapidly-changing consumer demands. In such a fiercely competitive environment, it’s crucial that independent supermarket operators keep up with emerging trends, including ways to build relationships with their shoppers. A few ideas that emerged from this year’s Creative Choice Awards contents were utilizing your own associates as experts; more collaboration between wholesalers and independents on programs; and the key to digital today is mobile, which means that content and ads should be targeted for mobile news feeds.

Leveraging seasonal holidays this spring (and all year long) can help you differentiate in the marketplace and grow your bottom line.  If your company has already implemented a strong merchandising or marketing campaign, consider submitting an entry into NGA’s Creative Choice Awards Contest! The annual Creative Choice Awards contest, sponsored by Kellogg’s and Unilever, honors the best marketing and merchandising programs in the independent supermarket industry. To learn more about the Creative Choice Awards or see winning campaigns from this year, visit