5 Innovation Trends Retailers Will Be Chasing Tomorrow: What Grocery Buyers Learned at the NGA Executive Conference

October 15, 2021

Grocery Innovation Trends are Driving Today’s Natural Shopper

The greatest business challenge of the last 18 months hasn’t been simply that there was a disruption to our daily lives, but rather that there was continuous disruption. Everyone was having to make decisions about their business with the hope that there would be some consistency to rely on in the future—and we’re finally getting there. As frustrating as these 18 months have been, we have learned more about today’s consumers and what to expect moving forward as grocery buyer innovation trends continues to shape the market.

Recently at the NGA Executive Conference, SPINS Chief Commercial Officer Jay Lovelace and SVP of Retail Dawn Valandingham dove into 2020-2021 data to help retailers get a clear view of the trends that will shape the natural industry. You’ll notice that each of these trends relies on innovation, whether that’s an innovative product or an innovative mindset. Retailers that bring innovation to their shelves are going to earn customer loyalty and the sales that come with it.

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