Incorporating Mobile Shopping into the Customer Experience: Webinar Key Takeaways

October 14, 2021

By Jim Dudlicek, Director, Communications and External Affairs

Millions across the country fully rely on a single device: mobile. It’s our main method of communication, and consumers love nothing more than to research new products and quickly checkout from the palm of their hand.

In 2021, 50 percent of Rosie customers ordered groceries directly from the Rosie app, with a 3x higher conversion than on desktop.

NGA and Rosie hosted a recent webinar to explore the proprietary tools that independent grocers need to grow sales, how a branded mobile app can set your store apart from the competition, and how it fits into your shopper’s experience.

Speakers included Nick Nickitas, founder and CEO of Rosie; Haley Sammis, Rosie’s head of account management; Chad Cropper, director of operations for Crop’s Fresh Marketplace near Philadelphia; and Allison Morrison, director of marketing and events at Clark’s Market, which operates stores in eight resort communities in Colorado.

Here are some key takeaways from the discussion:

Convenience, not COVID, is driving mobile adoption, despite the pandemic spike in e-commerce. Customers are looking for time-saving solutions in every aspect of their lives. According to a recent survey cited by Rosie, 80% of respondents said they would continue using online grocery ecommerce services in the next 12 months, the same as or more than they currently do now; and 65% of respondents shop for groceries online to save time and add convenience to their life. Online shopping is here to stay, and your customers are looking to you for an easy, convenient solution.

Store-branded mobile apps are an essential component of the shopping experience. Major chain grocers offer customers the ultimate ordering convenience that maintains the omnichannel experience of shopping their brand, anytime, anywhere, so independent grocers shouldn’t be left out. From finding items and checking prices to communicating deals and offering mobile checkout, apps are the ultimate shopper engagement tool.

Establish loyalty. Don’t confuse customers by relying on them to shop a third-party app that gives them the option to choose from multiple stores. Deliver consistent branding and demonstrate to shoppers how you’re solving their needs. Half of all customers rely on mobile to place orders, and conversion is three times higher than on desktop. If you don’t offer an easy option, shoppers will go elsewhere.

Mobile complements, not cannibalizes, your in-store offering. Bring your weekly ad, sales and promotions to the palm of your customer’s hand. Amplify your in-store displays with suggestive selling online to remind shoppers of in-store promotions.

It’s the perfect holiday planning tool. Offer specialty items like party platters directly from mobile devices – it’s convenient and helps minimize in-store labor. Let mobile bring your customizable prepared foods online to your customers for an experience they can’t find anywhere else. Use it as an opportunity to incorporate rewards – for example, shoppers who place Thanksgiving dinner orders via your mobile app get a free side dish.

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