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The National Grocers Association (NGA) is the national trade association representing the retail and wholesale grocers that comprise the independent sector of the food distribution industry. Also represented are affiliated associations, manufacturers, and service suppliers, as well as other entrepreneurial companies that support NGA's Mission and Philosophy.

NGA Mission

To ensure independent, community-focused retailers and wholesalers the opportunity to succeed and better serve the consumer through its policies, advocacy, programs and services.

NGA Philosophy

To promote diversity in the marketplace through a vibrant independent sector, and thereby increase consumer choice in price, variety, quality, service and value.

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What is an Independent Supermarket?

An independent supermarket is a privately owned or controlled food retail company operating a variety of formats. Most independent operators are serviced by wholesale distributors, while others may be partially or fully self-distributing. Some independents are publicly traded, but with controlling shares held by the family and others are employee owned. Independents are the true “entrepreneurs” of the grocery industry and dedicated to their customers, associates, and communities.

The Economic Impact of the Independent Supermarket Industry

The independent supermarket channel is an important part of America's economy. According to the NGA Economic Impact Study, independent supermarket operators are accountable for close to one percent of the nation's overall economy and responsible for generating $131 billion in sales, 944,000 jobs, $30 billion in wages, and $27 billion in taxes.

Economic Impact Research

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This groundbreaking research provides a clear picture of the key role independent grocers play at the national, state, and congressional district level.

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NGA Foundation


The Foundation provides independent supermarket operators with tools to develop more effective recruiting programs, enhance retention efforts, and bolster professional and leadership development opportunities for employees. 

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Featured Event

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Sustainable Business Growth Strategies

September 11 – 15, 2016
Cornell University

This Executive Education Course is designed for supermarket industry executives who are already leading organizations down a path of financial and sustainability success and are ready for next steps in the form on an in-depth training to address how to truly become a sustainable company. 
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Grocers in the Community

Kaune's Neighborhood Market Celebrates 120 Years

Kaunes 120 year celebration

Kaune's Neighborhood market is celebrating their 120th anniversary this year. Henry Spencer Kaune established the grocery store in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1896. Offering a wide selection that included “dried beans to caviar", the transplanted Illinoisan’s food store has been central to the Santa Fe community. “Kaune’s is a Santa Fe tradition, says Cheryl Pick Sommer, who purchased the 8,300-square-foot market in November 2003. “My first food memory is of doughnuts from Kaune’s. This is a part of Santa Fe’s history that needs to adapt to remain an important piece of the future.

Kaune's held an in-store celebration on July 16th to celebrate the milestone. The event brought together the Santa Fe community for an afternoon of food, beverages and prizes. For pictures from Kaune's celebration, visit their Facebook page HERE

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