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Grocers Take Action

The independent grocery industry has a huge impact on America’s economy with $131 billion in sales, nearly one million jobs, and $30 billion in wages. With such a large economic footprint, it is increasingly important that policymakers in Washington hear first-hand from grocery executives about how legislation and regulations directly impact the supermarket industry, their employees, and ultimately, the consumers they serve. Here are several ways the voice of the independent grocer – your voice – gets heard where and when it most counts.

Make Your Voice Heard

Make your voice heard! Take Action through NGA’s grassroots website. Through this site, you can send letters to your Members of Congress, see how they voted on issues critical to the supermarket industry, and learn more about the political process on Capitol Hill. Emailing your legislator is as easy as clicking on the button provided in the email and entering your address!

Take action now on issues impacting your business.

Come To Washington

Join our annual Fly-In and come to Washington to lobby your Representatives. According to the Congressional Management Foundation, 97% of Hill staff surveyed responded that constituent visits to the DC office influence an undecided Representative. For more information about the 2019 Fly-In that took place on April 30-May 1 please visit

Schedule A Store Tour

Store tours are an important way for Members of Congress to learn about the day-to-day challenges that face the independent sector of the supermarket industry. Schedule a tour of your store or distribution center with your Member of Congress. NGA can assist with all of the logistics of inviting a Member of Congress to tour your operation. You are the expert in how Washington policies are helping or hurting your ability to do business, and your Representatives need to hear from you!

Report Back to NGA

Hosted a Member on a store tour? Received a response from your Member to the letter you sent through the NGA Action Center? Share that information with NGA! Learning what your Representative has shared with you keeps NGA staff members informed as we lobby on specific issues the impact your bottom line. Sharing that information with us allows us to work more effectively on your behalf.