Industry Collaboration

NGA’s Industry Relations team provides support for independent supermarket operators on the latest trading partner issues while creating forums that lead to new opportunities with manufacturers, service suppliers and wholesalers that help independents grow their business.

Advocating for a Stronger, Committed Industry

Understanding what is on the horizon is exceedingly important in protecting a strong, vibrant industry that offers opportunity for innovation. By monitoring trends and issues, NGA is proactive in identifying opportunities and minimizing potential challenges. We gather information and knowledge about these issues and, when appropriate, lead an effort with our key partners to address them.

Joint Industry Collaboration Platforms

Partnership for Food Safety Education

The Partnership’s mission is to end illness and death from foodborne infection in the United States. The organization was formed in 1997 in response to an independent panel report which called for a national public-private partnership to educate the public about safe food handling and preparation and supports health educators and influencers by making their work more visible, collaborative, and effective. NGA is a member of the Partnership for Food Safety Education as a sponsoring partner. Click HERE to learn more.

Rapid Recall Express

Rapid Recall Express is a fillable standardized form that applies industry expertise and best practices to recall and withdrawal notifications. It’s free and available to all companies for use in the event of a product recall or withdrawal, making it easy to communicate directly to trading partners of your choosing. Plus, Rapid Recall Express follows GS1 Standards. These Standards provide unique identification of products and other associated information regarding these items, such as date codes and the reason for the recall. Find out more by visiting HERE.

Be Recall Ready: For any manufacturer, product recalls or withdrawals are rare. For our retailer and wholesaler members, they are a weekly occurrence. Help us ensure recall information and the action that needs to be taken to protect consumers, our stores, and your brands is communicated quickly, accurately and in a way that our members need to see it. Doing regular, modernized mock recalls is like running a fire drill – it turns a crisis into a practiced process.

Learn more by visiting these NGA Associate Members that can help. 

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SmartLabel™ is an innovative new program, created by manufacturers and retailers, that enables consumers to get additional details about a wide range of food, beverage, pet care, household and personal care products.  SmartLabel™ will change the way people shop and will help them get answers to questions they have on the products they purchase when they want that information. Learn more at

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Joint Industry Coupon Committee

NGA, as a member of the Joint Industry Coupon Committee (JICC) has been working to address industry coupon guidelines with updated information on data standards, digital coupons and fraud and counterfeit coupon deterrence. In conjunction with the Coupon Information Corporation, NGA sends Fraudulent Coupon Alerts to members warning of new fraudulent and counterfeit coupons in the marketplace with information how to spot them before they are redeemed.