Top 10 NGA Blogs of 2017

January 10, 2018

From emerging consumer trends and creative case studies to tax reform, here are the most popular NGA blog posts of 2017:

1. NGA Research Key Insight: Getting Social with Customers
Social networking is an increasingly important engagement tool for independent retailers. That point is backed up by the innovative and successful efforts of independent retailer Niemann Foods — which outlined its approaches in an interview — and by the results of NGA research. Read more.

2. Meet the Rising Stars Receiving NGA Scholarships this Year
We’re once again investing in the industry’s rising stars by providing up to $73,000 to help 16 students earn their degrees. Read more.

3. Meal Kits: A Rising Trend for Consumers and their Pets Alike
Companies like Blue Apron and Plated might be the biggest brand names for meal kits, but as their popularity continues to increase more food retailers are embracing the innovative product, including the independent supermarket industry. There’s a good reason, too. Read more.

4. Are Urban Cities an Opportunity for Independent Grocers?
While supermarkets have primarily focused on the suburbs, it’s worth asking whether or not this new shift suggest that supermarket operators might have an opportunity to locate stores in core urban areas. Read more.

5. Chip and Pin Technology Needed to Protect Consumer Information
This past October—Cybersecurity Month—on the two-year anniversary of the United States transitioning from magnetic strip electronic payments to EMV chip cards, we’re again reminded that card-issuing banks continue opting for the less-secure chip-and-signature technology. Read more.

6. The Big Six Just Released a Plan to Overhaul the Tax Code. Here’s what Independent Grocers Need to Know
On Sept. 27, the GOP unveiled a tax reform framework that was negotiated behind closed door by key players from the House, Senate, and White House, or the “Big Six.” Read more.

7. How to Catch a Counterfeit Coupon
While coupons are a great promotional tool to deliver customers with savings, unfortunately, coupons can sometimes be subject to misuse and fraud. Read more.

8. Supermarket Gets Shoppers Excited about Gourmet Cheese with Fromage Fantastique Event
West Seattle Thriftway, an independent grocer located at the heart of West Seattle’s Morgan Junction, is proud of their gourmet cheese department. It’s no wonder why—Americans are crazy about cheese. Read more.

9. Cash Wise Raises Money for Cancer Treatment by Constructing World’s Largest Pineapple Display
When Minnesota-based Cash Wise store director Ranji Lachmensing heard about a supermarket who had set a record for the world’s largest display, his first thought was, “hey, we can do that.” And not just beat it by a little—by a lot. So, they went big. Read more.

10. NGA Research Key Insight: Coborn’s Succeeds as E-Commerce Differentiator
How can an independent grocer win in an increasingly crowded e-commerce market? For St. Cloud, Minn.-based Coborn’s, the success formula includes boosting its e-commerce investment, differentiating from competitors, training delivery drivers to engage consumers, and even making friends with customers’ dogs. Read more.