NGA Statement on White House’s Budget Proposal

March 11, 2019

Today, the National Grocers Association (NGA), the trade association representing the independent supermarket industry, issued the following statement from Greg Ferrara, NGA executive vice president in response to the White House’s FY 2020 Budget proposal:

“Independent supermarkets are strong partners with the federal government in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) food delivery system, serving millions of low-income households, including families with children, the elderly, and disabled. In December, President Trump signed a Farm Bill into law that strengthened SNAP. NGA is concerned that proposals that upend the efficient food distribution system that exist today will negatively impact local communities, SNAP participants, and jobs.  Today’s public – private SNAP distribution partnership is an efficient and a cost-effective way to distribute SNAP benefits to needy Americans who are located across the country, including in some of the most remote rural communities to urban city centers. We look forward to continuing our work with the Administration and Congress to promote commonsense policies that advance the independent supermarket industry and grow the nation’s economy.”

Last year, NGA commissioned an economic analysis of the Harvest Box proposal, which found that such a proposal would cost American food retailers $23 billion in sales and would lead to a loss of over 211,700 grocery retail jobs, and a total of almost 368,500 direct and indirect job losses throughout the economy.