National Grocers Association Awards “Outstanding Marketer” to K-VA-T Food Stores, Food City and “Outstanding Merchandiser” to Brookshire Grocery Company

February 25, 2020

San Diego, CA- The “Outstanding Marketer” and “Outstanding Merchandiser” in the Creative Choice Awards were announced today during the Super Breakfast Session at the 2020 NGA Show.

Outstanding Marketer was awarded to K-VA-T Food Stores, Food City for their Grand Opening in Abingdon, Virginia. The event generated excitement in the community, resulting in strong traditional media and social media coverage of the grand opening.

Outstanding Merchandiser was awarded to Brookshire Grocery Company for their Big Grocery Cart that is over 12 feet in height and can carry 1,000 bags of groceries. The cart is used by Brookshire Grocery Company to travel throughout communities in which they serve. So far, the cart has traveled 16,000 miles across the country. The Big Grocery Cart gained extensive media coverage and generated excitement among costumers, leading to Brookshire Grocery Company fielding over 150 requests to attend parades, festivities, grand openings, and food drives.

The Creative Choice Awards honor the best merchandising and marketing programs in the grocery industry that increase and positively impact overall store sales or provide a unique benefit to the community.

The contest, sponsored by Kellogg’s and Unilever, featured 10 different categories with two winners for each, one entry from a one to 15 store operator and one entry from a store operator with 15 or more supermarkets.

To see a full list of 2020 Creative Choice Award Winners, CLICK HERE.