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Independent Community Grocer Definition

Independent community grocers are the true entrepreneurs of the grocery industry, passionately committed to their customers, their associates and the markets they serve. Privately owned by families, or by employees, these retailers operate a variety of retail formats, and while most are serviced by wholesale distributors, others may be partially or fully self-distributing.  Independents differentiate in the marketplace based on the needs of the local community, while showing a strong commitment to civic life and providing their neighbors quality goods and nourishing foods.

What is an Independent Supermarket?

An independent supermarket is a privately owned or controlled food retail company operating a variety of formats. Most independent operators are serviced by wholesale distributors, while others may be partially or fully self-distributing. Some independents are publicly traded, but with controlling shares held by the family and others are employee owned. Independents are the true “entrepreneurs” of the grocery industry and dedicated to their customers, associates, and communities.

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NGA Foundation

The NGA Foundation is the 501(c)3 nonprofit arm of NGA which provides independent retailers with the tools to develop more effective recruiting programs, enhance retention efforts, and bolster professional and leadership development opportunities for employees.

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NGA is the only national trade association dedicated solely to the needs of independent, community-focused grocery retailers and operators. For nearly 40 years, NGA has had privilege to serve the independent supermarket industry.

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NGA Take Action portal supporters of the independent supermarket industry are able to connect with elected officials and regulators on the many important issues affecting the independent supermarket industry.

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