Business Requirements Document (BRD)

Business Requirements Documents (BRDs) are also referred to as system documentation or functional requirements documentation.  For SNAP Online, the BRD should provide a detailed description of how EBT functionality will work on the retailer’s website and/or mobile apps.

The intent of the BRD is twofold. It will help the retailer ensure that they are meeting all of the EBT-specific requirements as they develop their EBT functionality. It will also help USDA Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) verify that all of the requirements are being met and identify any areas of the functionality that may need further work.

If a retailer is working with an eCommerce provider that is already operating SNAP Online with other retailers, a new BRD is not required as long as the SNAP Online functionality is the same as the previously reviewed/tested SNAP Online functionality for this eCommerce platform. Retailers who operate their own websites or those working with an eCommerce provider that is new to SNAP Online must submit a BRD.

The BRD will be requested by FNS after your Letter of Intent (LOI) and other application materials have been submitted and processed by FNS. Once a BRD is submitted to FNS, FNS attempts to review it and provide feedback within 10 business days. BRDs often require more than one iteration to finalize. Once the BRD is finalized, FNS will move a retailer into the demonstration phase. In this phase, the retailer demonstrates a pre-determined list of scenarios that show basic online purchasing functionality for EBT in a test/sandbox environment. Once the demonstration phase is concluded, retailers will be moved into the testing phase provided that there are no outstanding requests from previous steps.

Resources are available to help with the BRD process:

  • Detailed guidance is available about the content that should be covered in the BRD
  • There is also a template/outline that can be used

SEMTAC subject matter experts in SNAP Online are also available to assist you. If you have questions about the BRD, please Get Support here.