POS Functionality And Parameters For Nutrition Incentive Transactions

Released: A New Standards Document

The National Grocers Association Foundation (NGAF) has released guidance for Point-of-Sale (POS) providers to be used in the creation of solutions for automated nutrition incentive transactions – often known as SNAP Incentives, “Double Up” or “Double Dollar” programs.

Prior to release of this document, POS providers faced differing transaction requirements across the country thus creating confusion and inefficiencies that has limited solution development.

The NGAF convened a workgroup of 23 organizations who fund nutrition incentive projects to develop “standards” for how these transactions are processed at retailer checkouts.

This document is the workgroup product and intended to provide POS providers the ability to create solutions for their respective platforms that can be efficiently deployed and configured at store level across the country. The document satisfies required nutrition incentive functionalities while also providing parameterized flexibility for funding organizations and food retailers across the country.

Download the document HERE and contact the NGAF with questions at incentives@ngaftacenter.org

Retail technology providers, POS dealers and developers are welcome to have their name added in support of this document. Please email incentives@ngaftacenter.org stating your support of and intent to incorporate use of the document where possible. Listed below are the companies and representatives who have signed on to support this document thus far.



Conexxus Gray Taylor
DUMAC Business Systems/RORC Steve Methvin
ECRS (ECR Software Corporation) Peter Catoe
Interstate POS Scott Doody
IT Retail Luke Henry
LOC Software Francois Labelle
National Retail Solutions (NRS Plus) Michael From
POS-Plus, LLC Bob Satterfield
Retail Data Systems (RDS) Bryan Buckner
Software 4 Retail Solutions (S4) Rick Goertzen
Shift4 / POSTECH Dan Henkel
STCR, Inc. Farrell McKenna
TotilPay POS Apps Josh Wiles
Truno Retail Technology Solutions Greg Moody