Utilizing Dietitians to Help Shoppers Meet their Wellness Goals

July 25, 2017

As consumers are increasingly browsing supermarket shelves for food that will help them achieve their individual health and wellness goals, supermarkets are introducing a variety of resources to help shoppers, including introducing in-store dietitians to provide one-on-one guidance. Today, nearly 11,000 supermarkets across the country are being served by over 1,000 dietitians and, as usual, the independent supermarket industry has an advantage over national chains in this category.

In fact, according to NGA’s “The Independent Consumer,” having a dietitian in the store is of strong importance to consumers and health is a top reason why most shop at an independent supermarket. “I can honestly say that I would love to see an in-store [dietitian]. That would allow us to somewhat live a healthy lifestyle,” said one survey respondent.

Shoppers at Wisconsin-based Festival Foods stores don’t have to visit the supermarket to get tips from a dietitian, however. The grocer’s team of registered dietitians developed an Eat Well program to promote the services they offer, including ideas for healthy and affordable meals consumers can make at home.

It works like this: each quarter, the dietitians showcase recipes that are affordable, quick, easy to make, and on sale. They prepare and test the recipes, write the recipe cards, and photograph the finished product to showcase it to customers.

This isn’t your average Caesar’s salad either. Recent recipes range from cranberry almond quinoa pilaf to peanut butter black bean brownies and pesto lasagna zucchini boats, and are promoted through blog posts, email marketing, YouTube videos, and local broadcast segments. It’s a prime example of the many ways independent supermarkets don’t just stay ahead of rising consumer trends – they go above and beyond for the communities they serve.

And it paid off big for Festival Foods, too. Not only did the stores build stronger relationships with consumers, but the supermarket gained recognition as a leader in the grocery industry, besting more than 300 entries to be named this year’s “Outstanding Merchandiser” – one of the highest honors of NGA’s Creative Choice contest – at The 2017 NGA Show.

The annual Creative Choice Awards contest, presented by Kellogg’s and Unilever, honors and recognizes the best marketing and merchandizing programs throughout the industry that both boost sales and build customer loyalty. And if your store is putting on a creative program, campaign, or event like Festival Foods, we want to know about it! With 11 different submission categories, from public service to grand opening and digital marketing, there’s something for everyone.

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