The Future of Snacking is at The NGA Show 2018

August 8, 2017


Anyone who’s been to previous NGA Shows can testify that the EXPO floor, which highlights new products and services to nearly 3,500 attendees, is one of the most exciting aspects of the trade show that’s been sold out for five consecutive years. This year won’t be any different either, with SNAC International, the leading international association representing the snack industry, joining the 2018 NGA Show as a Pavilion Partner for the first time.

For the many independent retailers who anxiously await to descend on the EXPO floor, there’s a good reason to be excited. SNAC International will host a 600 square food pavilion featuring classic snack products as well as better-for-you options. Products include potato chips, tortilla chips, puffed snacks, pretzels and popcorn to meat and fruit snacks, snack nuts and crackers.  Ingredients range from traditional potato and corn-based snacks to those made with pulses (chick peas, lentils), vegetables and ancient grains.

“With snacking now accounting for half of all eating occasions, we’re excited to provide the unique opportunity for independent retailers to explore a diverse set of exhibitors in this growing segment of the food industry,” said Peter J. Larkin, president and CEO of NGA, in a recent statement. “The pavilion promises to help attendees stay ahead of the consumer trend curve by bringing new and exciting snack products to their store shelf.”

A 2016 study by Hartman Group reflects this growing aspect of the food industry, with 91 percent of consumers now snacking multiple times throughout the day. In fact, modern eating styles have been characterized by frequent snacking so much so that 37 percent of the time, a snack provides one of the three most substantial eatings of the day for American consumers.

There’s numerous reasons for these shifts, including rapidly changing wellness and culinary trends, eating experiences that tend to be individualized and not shared, and a ballooning blur between meals and snacks.

This isn’t just your average bag of potato chips either. Consumers are looking for new ways to provide an extra boost of strength and vitality, perform at a high level cognitively, and explore different types of food, provenances, preparation methods, food purveyors, and new products.

In other words, you won’t want to miss this. Last year’s Show saw over 325 companies represented on the EXPO floor and five Pavilion Partners, contributing to another year of the largest retailer and wholesaler attendance level in NGA history.

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