Sharing Best Practices to Tackle Some of the Industry’s Biggest Challenges

August 21, 2017


There’s no doubt that this is a game-changing time for the independent supermarket industry. Between Amazon entering the grocery space and a boom of e-commerce activity, even the best supermarket operators are sprinting to keep up. Luckily, independent grocers are no stranger to a rapidly-changing marketplace. In fact, it’s often what allows independent supermarkets to implement cutting-edge strategies that are uniquely tailored to the communities they serve.

To help independent supermarkets stay ahead of the consumer trend curve and navigate the many challenges arising in the industry, NGA invites retail members to join one of our share groups – a group of like-minded supermarket executives tackling some of the industry’s biggest challenges. Here’s how it works: store operators from NGA member companies that are non-competing meet in person to problem-solve, openly swap ideas, and share best practices. They’re entirely participant-driven and professionally facilitated. In other words, each share group determines their own meeting agendas and frequency.

Learn more about the active and forming share groups below and send your application form to

Senior financial professionals review opportunities to improve the financial performance of their organizations.


Directors and VPs with responsibility for reducing shrink, shoplifting, vendor theft and employee theft will share loss prevention tactics and strategies.

Chief Information Officers and IT directors share and discuss technology initiatives. Members review various topics including department structure, new system implementation, and use of technology as a driver of growth.

Senior executives share strategies to reduce expenses and improve store-level operations.

Senior HR managers and executives review current HR issues, share successful programs, and discuss ways to improve the HR function in their organization.

Pharmacy managers and executives focus on sharing ideas and best practices for managing all activities and programs, including maximizing pharmacy operating results, maintaining quality assurance, and improving the overall customer experience.

High potential executives poised to assume a significant leadership role in their organization will participate in high-level strategy discussions as well discuss leadership development opportunities.  Members of the share group will alternate hosting the meetings, which will include store tours, open sharing and focused discussion around a mutually agreed upon topic (i.e., marketing, technology, operations, finance, etc.)

Chief Marketing Officers and VPs/directors of advertising, marketing and merchandising will share successful event marketing programs and other strategies to grow sales and increase store traffic.