Learning with NGA

January 20, 2016

Webinar Wednesday

Aligned with NGA’s mission to ensure independent, community-focused retailers and wholesalers the opportunity to succeed and better serve the consumer through its policies, advocacy, programs and services, NGA’s Webinar Wednesday series has become an important platform to educate supermarket operators and their employees.

In today’s increasingly competitive and changing marketplace, it is important for independent supermarket operators to stay ahead of the curve on the latest industry trends and developments. But, we understand that independent grocers are busy running their businesses, and that’s why NGA created a program in which retailers can get access, regardless of location, to highly regarded experts on a variety of issues spanning throughout the industry, free of charge.

Since the Webinar Wednesday series was launched, we’ve had over 1,000 participants join us for a webinar session.

Webinar participants can expect to learn from speakers who tackle the topics most concerning to supermarket operators. At the end of each webinar, retailers should be able to walk away with a heightened understanding of the topic, as well as strategies they can implement in-store immediately.

NGA has always held a firm belief that industry education is a top priority for independent retailers. From webinars on the latest marketing and merchandising tactics to labor law and health care compliance strategies, NGA is dedicated to ensuring that independent supermarket operators and their employees have the education and resources to help you stay up to date and competitive in the marketplace.

For more information on the NGA Webinar Wednesday series, visit www.nationalgrocers.org/education.