In the wake of the Louisiana flooding disaster

August 17, 2016

As many of you are aware by now, our friends in Louisiana have experienced what the Red Cross is calling the “worst natural disaster to strike the U.S. since Superstorm Sandy.” In an effort to assist those who have been affected by the severe storms and flooding in the state, the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) granted today a request made by the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services to allow for the purchase of hot foods and hot foods ready for immediate consumption with SNAP benefits. The waiver is in effect until October 17, 2016 and applies statewide.

The notice from USDA can be found HERE.

Additionally, USDA has a number of resources for individuals and small businesses in need. For complete details and eligibility requirements regarding USDA’s disaster assistance programs, contact a local USDA Service Center. More information about USDA disaster assistance as well as other disaster resources is available on the USDA Disaster Resource Center website. In partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other disaster-focused organizations, USDA created a Disaster Resource Center website, utilizing a new online searchable knowledgebase. This knowledgebase is a collection of disaster-related resources that are powered by agents with subject-matter expertise.

NGA members from across the country are joining forces to provide relief to those affected by the devastation. To find out what you do to help, click HERE.


Please note: Available federal assistance and other resources are still developing. NGA will be updating members accordingly.