Helping Consumers Put Their “Best Fork Forward” During National Nutrition Month and Beyond

March 31, 2017

As we wrap up National Nutrition Month, an annual nutrition education and information campaign to help families make informed food choices, and develop healthy eating and physical activity routines, the month’s theme, “Put Your Best Fork Forward,” serves as an important reminder that every individual holds the tools to make healthier food choices.

Whether it’s driven by the desire to get healthier or prevent a chronic condition, more and more consumers are becoming health-conscious, and in turn, are seeking products and services that will help them achieve their health and wellness goals. The trend to a healthier lifestyle, along with an aging population, has prompted retailers to expand their health and wellness offerings and in-store programs.

NGA’s annual national grocery shopper survey, which was released at the 2017 NGA Show, revealed that six-in-10 shoppers believe healthy food should be displayed alongside other food items.  Results also showed independent shoppers are eager to see an on-site nutritionist available to help consumers make healthy choices.

While supermarkets of all sizes are trying to capitalize on the health and wellness uptick, independent supermarket operators are in a unique position to make the most of this movement through the relationships they have already created with local suppliers, health care specialists, dietitians, and most importantly, their consumers. Independent supermarket operators have responded to consumer demand by offering in-store programs, such as in-store dietitians or displaying healthy recipe cards, to help consumers make healthier food choices.

Join us in celebrating this month by recognizing how independent supermarkets play a role in helping Americans live healthy lives by offering resources and information for shoppers to make more informed food choices that are right for them and their families. Take a moment to learn what resources are available to you, as well, to achieve your healthy eating goals by clicking HERE.

For “The Independent Consumer” study referenced above, click HERE.