Fresh is In

July 27, 2016
Retailers have seen an uptick in consumer demand for high-quality fresh and local foods. Driven by knowledgeable consumers who are increasingly seeking fresh food choices, independent grocers are among industry leaders in expanding their fresh selections in produce, meat, dairy and bakery items. 

According to survey results from the NGA consumer trends study conducted by Nielsen, independent supermarket operators scored high marks in selling high quality fruits and vegetables (85%), high quality meats (84%), and were strongly associated with offering locally grown produce and other packaged goods (69%).

Supermarkets of all sizes are trying to deliver fresh and local food items to their customers, but independent supermarket operators are in a unique position to capitalize on this movement through the relationships they have already created with local producers in their communities. With their strong community roots, and in response to what their customers want, independent grocers often prefer to locally source perishables to extend their community outreach to business partners in their trade areas.
Whether sweet corn in Ohio, blueberries in Maine, or artisanal cheese from Wisconsin, independent retailers across the nation are seeking out local sources as a way to meet customer expectations with fresh perishables. In doing so, they’re demonstrating the sage advice behind the often-used saying: “think global but execute local.”

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