6 Snack Ideas for Your Kids from a Registered Dietitian

December 7, 2017

By Sue Moores, M.S., R.D.
Nutritionist at Kowalski’s

With changing schedules, your fridge and cupboards may benefit from a little switch-out to cater to breakfasts, snacks or dinners on the fly and kids coming home hungry and eager to eat. It’s easy to change it up and doing so will set the table for a well-fed year ahead.

Kitchen Staples:

1. Fruits and vegetables, of course!

On the fruit front, think bright colors, sweet flavors and juicy, crisp textures. Fall apples, kiwis, grapes, berries, melon and pears are a great start.?

For vegetables, think beyond the usual. Try sugar snap peas, jicama, radishes, kohlrabi, purple and yellow carrots, zucchini or cucumber wheels, and cherry tomatoes. Buy a whole head of romaine lettuce and use it in place of bread or tortillas to create a refreshing sandwich wrap.?

Have all of the above front and center, easy to reach and ready to enjoy.

2. Dips

Mix unflavored regular or Greek yogurt with a hint of cinnamon and a drizzle of honey for a creamy fruit dip. For veggies, mix yogurt with curry powder, Sriracha or herbs (dried or fresh will do) for a zing of savory flavor.?

Check out a new product in our Produce Department, Vegy Vida Kids’ Dip ‘n More. Vegy Vida was developed by moms, with picky eaters in mind. Every flavor is made with only pure, simple ingredients even kids can pronounce.?

Get in on one of the many flavors of hummus in our Deli Department.?

Try some of the zippy salsa options on our grocery shelves. There are always new varieties to enjoy.

3. Cheeses

Buy fresh mini mozzarella balls or string cheese for snacking. Partner it with summer’s flavorful tomatoes while they’re still available.?

Try our probiotic-rich Quark cheese from the Specialty Cheese Department. Spread it on crisp crackers or our bakery-fresh sprouted bread. Smear with a little whole-fruit jam or add some dried or fresh fruit on top. It’s pretty tasty with veggie toppers, too.

4. Whole grain tortillas, English muffins, crisps or breads

Spread a little mustard or aioli on top of an English muffin or whole-grain bread. Add shaved turkey, beef or ham and a favorite cheese, then toast.?

Make a zesty quesadilla by sprinkling shredded cheese over a whole-grain tortilla. Add slices of sun-dried tomatoes. Fold in half, then microwave until the cheese melts.?

Spread your favorite nut butter on top of any of the above “breads.” Sweeten the deal by adding on sliced fresh fruit, dried fruit or a unique fruit preserve, such as lingonberry or fig.?

5. Snack or trail mixes

In a large resealable plastic bag, toss together your favorite nuts and seeds. Make the mix savory by adding diced jerky, corn nuts and/or wasabi peas. Make it sweet by adding a whole-grain cereal or granola, dried fruit and/or small bites of dark chocolate.

6. Hot or cold cereals

Pick whole-grain options by looking for items with “whole grain” listed as the first ingredient on the ingredient list. Dress the cereal up with dried or fresh fruit, nuts, seeds and/or your favorite lower-sugar yogurt.