How much does the program cost? 

Gain access to the program for only $30 a month, per store. Payment is Billed annually ($360).  Enroll now. 

Does participating mean NGA owns my data?

No, BRdata is providing analytics aggregated from independents just like you while NGA acts as a partner.

Is BRdata's program secure?

Yes, BRdata uses industry-leading cloud provider and security to keep your data protected at rest and in transit.

How long does set-up take? 

Once you sign up for the program, your access will be up and running within a few weeks.



How can I use program in my stores?

Possibilities include identifying hot trending Items you don't currently carry, identifying Categories trending up or down to make ordering decisions, matching volume to price trends to identify items that may benefit from a price adjustment, and more.

Why should I trust this program?

Independent grocers have relied upon BRdata as a software solutions provider for over 40 years and BRdata uses this new program to generate analytics from over 1,000 independent stores nationwide, a number that's rapidly growing and comparable to store numbers at the larger chains.

I've enrolled, what are the next steps?

Welcome to Independent Insights! A technician will be in touch soon to schedule installation.

Are there any technical specs that I should be aware of? 

Most of the technical specs are related to firewalls, the system cannot run on a Windows XP or lower.  If you have a specific question, please don't hesitate to contact