Proud to partner with NGA to bring you a training program catering to both Food Handlers and Store Managers. Food Safety Essentials focuses on building routine behaviors to reinforce Food Safety and serves as an accessible online reference tool for employees at every level.

The Food Safety Essentials program is based on the US Food Code and is comprised of 6 Interactive lessons with assessments that validate knowledge transfer.

2 Lessons | 12 Minutes

Cleaning and sanitizing are essential in preventing cross-contamination. This course dives into cleaning and sanitizing, including an explanation of the preparation requirements for sanitizers. You will also learn how to differentiate between food contact and non-food contact surfaces.

3 Lessons | 13 Minutes

In this course you will go through the proper procedure for using the three-compartment sink and a mechanical dishwasher. You will also learn the clean in place method and why following these washing and sanitizing steps are so important.

3 Lessons | 23 Minutes

Handwashing can help prevent foodborne illness and stop it from spreading. In this course you will learn the correct procedure for properly washing hands and when washing your hands is required.

2 Lessons | 8 Minutes

This course, Introducing the Lobster Ink Food Safety Program, describes the human and operational cost that foodborne illnesses can have on an establishment. You will learn about the importance of a food safety culture and how to effectively use this program.

2 Lessons | 8 Minutes

To prevent cross-contamination, non-food contact cleaning and disinfecting is just as important as food contact cleaning. This course provides guidelines for proper cleaning and disinfecting, and focuses on high traffic and touch areas. It also covers how to proactively disinfect.

3 Lessons | 17 Minutes

This course, The Importance of Food Safety, provides an understanding of what foodborne illnesses are, their causes and impact, and the role you play in preparing food safely for customers.

3 Lessons | 13 Minutes

Food allergens can be life-threatening, and an understanding of allergens is critical for any Food Handler. This course provides an overview of food allergens, the symptoms associated with allergic reactions and how to handle food allergens.



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