Payments and Data Security

Fees associated with the acceptance of payments cards represents the second-highest cost of doing business for most retailers, only behind the cost of labor. In response to skyrocketing costs associated with payment acceptance, NGA is a founding member of the Merchants Payments Coalition, which achieved landmark reforms to debit swipe fees in 2010. Debit reforms lowered the cost of acceptance for debit cards, and introduced competition into the debit routing market that was quickly becoming a duopoly. As part of the MPC, NGA defeated proposals to delay and repeal debit reforms in 2011 and again in 2017. In a rapidly changing payments environment, NGA continues to advocate for reduced acceptance fees and a greater voice in the payments space for retailers.

As retailers and consumers contend with new payment options designed to increase convenience, NGA and our members are committed to increasing security as well. The protection of our customers’ private information is our foremost concern, and NGA believes that improvements to security protocols should result from an open and collaborative process among all industry stakeholders, where merchants have an equal voice at the table.  We believe that any customer notification standards should require all industries to play by the same rules, including financial institutions, payment processors, and technology providers. We have a collective duty as members of the payments chain to be responsible stewards of our customers’ sensitive information, and the independent supermarket industry supports the need for robust security standards that hold all members of the same high standards in order to ensure our customers can shop with confidence.


EMV Resources

Beginning on October 1, 2015, visa and MasterCard instituted a “liability shift” that made merchants fully liable for any fraudulent purchase that takes place at a non-EMV certified terminal. Learn more on the EMV Resource page.

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