Advocacy Issues

Priority Issues

NGA’s Government Relations team works on legislative and federal regulatory policy issues that impact our members and the independent supermarket industry.

NGA was founded on a mission to “promote, maintain, and strengthen the competitive marketplace” of food retail. A healthy, competitive food retail marketplace benefits not only independent grocers, but consumers, wholesalers, manufacturers, suppliers, and farmers.

NGA supports tax policies that provide the opportunity for family-owned and privately-held grocers to grow and create American jobs. NGA supports policies that simplify the tax code and lower rates, while retaining deductions and provisions that encourage growth and investment in Main Street American business.

NGA works closely with many agencies including the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service (USDA FNS) to ensure independent supermarket operators are represented at the federal level and have the timeliest information possible to best serve our customers.

The costs of accepting credit and debit card payments continue to increase. Independent grocers have cited card payment swipe fees as their second or third highest cost of doing business, behind wages and employee health benefits.

The independent grocery industry employs over one million Americans in communities across the country. NGA advocates for federal labor and employment regulations that will allow our member companies to continue to provide Main Street jobs.

Policy Positions

In addition to the priority issues, our advocacy work includes a number of other issues directly affecting the independent supermarket industry.

Coalition Advocacy 

NGA works closely with several trade associations, industry groups, and stakeholders on a variety of public policy issues. From food insecurity to federal data privacy, these coalitions allow us to amplify our advocacy efforts and coordinate resources behind solutions to problems that affect not just independent grocery but the broader merchant, small business, and food and beverage community.