Woman of the Year

Women Grocers of America (WGA) invites you to nominate yourself or another exemplary female in the independent food sector for the 2023 WGA Woman of the Year Award. The Woman of the Year will be recognized for her accomplishments at the 2023 NGA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The prestigious WGA Woman of the Year Award was established by the WGA Board of Directors in 1996 to provide visible support and recognition to outstanding women in the independent grocer industry.


  • The nominee exemplifies the true characteristics of a leader with passion for the independent grocery industry. She is a visionary who is an inspiration to others both within her community and workplace; helps shape the face of her company or organization while distinguishing herself from her peers.
  • Nominees from all industry subdivision are welcome: single store retailers, multi-state wholesalers, state association executives, and other entities.
  • The nominee is a female professional with a minimum of 7 years experience in the independent food industry.
  • The nominee does not have to be a member of WGA, but must be employed by a member of NGA.

To nominate a colleague or yourself, please submit a 1 – 2 page document describing the following:

  • Describe why this woman deserves to be recognized as the Woman of the Year.
  • Describe or list the candidate’s business achievements and accomplishments.
  • Describe or list the candidate’s effectiveness in serving her community and/or her civil work.
  • Describe how this candidate has contributed to the independent grocery industry. Please provide specific examples or stories that summarize these contributions.

NOW Accepting Nominations! Submit an entry below. 

Deadline for Entry: EXTENDED to December 16, 2022


2022: Suzanne Schmitz, Owner/Operator (SaveALot Retail Partner), Save A Lot

2021: Pamela Coy, Owner, Viking Village Foods

2020: Jennifer Graff, Perishable Director, Columbiana Foods

2019: Jan Gee, President and CEO, Washington Food Industry Association

2018: Kristi Magnuson-Nelson, President, Hugos Family Marketplace

2017: Cindy Sorensen, SVP of Business Development, Midwest Dairy Association

2016: Sheri Satterhite, Executive Vice President- Human Resources, Brookshire Grocery Company

2015: Barbara Wiest, Vice President, Communications & Events, IGA, Inc.

2014 Tammy Bailey, Owner, Baileys IGA

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