Women Grocers of America

 Once a social organization, WGA – operating under the NGA Foundation – has developed into a professional development network for women.


Inspiring and empowering women of the independent grocery industry through personal and professional development, cultivating connections and highlighting accomplishments and achievements.




WGA Group


Cultivating connections to create meaningful and lasting peer relationships.

WGA Group


Highlighting and recognizing achievements and accomplishments of women throughout the independent grocery industry.

WGA Group


Creating opportunities for personal and professional development for women in the independent grocery industry.


WGA’s prestigious Woman of the Year Award was established in 1996 to give visible support and recognition to exceptional women in the grocery industry.

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WGA distributes the Mary Macey Scholarship Award annually to promising college students pursuing careers in the independent grocery industry, with an emphasis on women in the industry.

Interested in Joining WGA?

Membership is open to any woman affiliated with an independent retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer, service supplier, or state/local association that maintains membership in NGA. Women throughout all levels in the industry as well as students are welcome and encouraged to join!

Please contact nga-foundation@nationalgrocers.org with any questions or for additional information.