Leadership Development

Why Invest in Leadership Development?

Improve the Bottom Line – Grocers who invest in leadership development programs see a boost in the bottom line through increased productivity from employees that feel invested in and better prepared to face business challenges. You’ll also see reduced turnover costs.

Recruit, Train, and Retain Talent – Knowing that an organization invests in its future leaders makes it a more appealing target for candidates. For similar reasons, organizations can also expect improved retention. Many employees leave their jobs because they feel as though they’re not learning anything new, or, if they are, they don’t have the opportunity to move into a position where they can apply that knowledge.

Increase Success in Navigating Change – A lesson grocers learned during the pandemic is that change can happen quickly. A leader must not only navigate new territory, but to do so while maintaining authority, respect, and keeping the morale high. This is crucial to successfully navigating your operation through change.

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NGA Foundation is dedicated to helping independent grocers invest in their number one resource – their people. Developing talented and thoughtful leaders and equipping them with the tools to navigate a dynamic and changing industry is key to the success of an independent grocer’s business.

The following programs are all offered to NGA members to support the leadership development goals.

Executive Leadership Development Program

Our premier offering for grocers with generous support from PepsiCo. It is facilitated by Cornell University and the program is designed to develop and prepare leaders to face business challenges in the 21st-century marketplace.

Executive Female Leaders Network

Led by the Women Grocers of America, this network is designed for female leaders (directors and above) within the independent grocery industry. This professional community helps members reach their fullest career potential while supporting both personal and business growth.

Emerging Female Leaders Share Group

Led by the Women Grocers of America, this is a small share group of high-potential women associates from across the independent grocery industry. Programming is designed specifically for up-and-coming women leaders looking to increase individual leadership skills and develop impactful connections across the industry.

Emerging Leaders Share Group

The purpose of the NGA Emerging Leaders Share Group is to support rising leaders within NGA member companies by expanding industry knowledge, forging new industry relationships, and learning new ideas and concepts to grow into well-rounded executives better prepared to take on expanded leadership roles within their companies. Participants must be NGA members in good standing, over 21 years old, and should not currently hold a c-suite role (CFO, CFO, COO).