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June 2-6, 2024
April 1, 2024

The Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP), sponsored by PepsiCo, is a high-impact learning opportunity encompassing intense, interactive instruction presented by a mix of respected academics and industry leaders. Participants develop their leadership skills so they can better implement organizational and cultural changes in their companies.

Facilitated and designed by Cornell University, the NGAF Executive Leadership Development Program helps retailers and wholesalers  develop and prepare leaders to face business challenges in the 21st-century marketplace.

This industry-specific executive development program includes:

  • Four days of interactive, intensive instruction on the campus of Cornell University
  • A faculty mix of respected academic and grocery industry leaders
  • Time to network with other rising grocery executives
  • An in-depth personalized 360 degree assessment of the participant’s personal leadership style and develop an action plan to improve
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Submit a nomination using the online form!

Nominations are due April 1, 2024

The Executive Leadership Development Program leverages a nomination process to ensure that participants have enough leadership experience to take full advantage of the program. Additionally, using a nomination process helps the participants understand that their managers or companies see them as current or future leaders worthy of investment.

Individuals can self-nominate if they are the owner/head of an organization. Most often, nominators are supervisors or managers of the candidate--someone who is involved with their work, knowledgeable of their job duties, and aware of the candidate's management responsibilities.

Nominations will be reviewed on a rolling basis and acceptance is not confirmed until you receive an emailed acceptance and payment is made.

While companies may submit more than one nominee, no more than two per company will be accepted unless there is space available at the deadline. Please contact nga-foundation@nationalgrocers.org if you have questions or would like to share the priority of nominees submitted.

If space fills in the program a waitlist will be created. No one may enter the program after 5/1/24 as the program requires preparation work completed ahead of time.

Cancellation Policy

The NGA Foundation must receive full payment by the deadline or registration will be automatically canceled. Registration cancellations made prior to the nomination deadline will be charged a fee of $150. Cancellations made after 4/1/24 will not be refunded but a credit minus any already incurred fees may be applied the following year.