NGA Foundation Awareness Week

Join Us As We Highlight Each of

NGA Foundation's Programmatic Pillars 

Each day this week we will put a spotlight on one of our five programmatic pillars. Be sure to join in the celebration, by making a donation, sharing your testimonial, or clicking through the below tiles for more information and resources.

As we highlight the important work of the foundation this week, please do make a donation to ensure we can continue to offer these vital programs, resources, and initiatives. Awareness Week donors will be recognized online and in the press. 

Elevating and developing women and diverse individuals aids in employee retention and ensures retailers can best serve their communities.

Communicating the importance of the independent grocery industry to support recruitment and retention ensures grocers have access to qualified candidates to strengthen their teams.

Developing talented and thoughtful leaders and equipping them with the tools to navigate a dynamic and changing industry is key to the success of an independent grocer’s business. 

Easing the financial burden of education for grocery employees and students pursuing careers in the food retail industry.

Providing opportunities for students to develop solutions to real-world problems and connect with industry leaders benefits both the industry, by providing creative insight from the next generation, and students by offering mentorship and networking connections.