Webinar: Your Data, Unlocked: 3 Simple Steps to Accelerate Growth

August 28


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How do I improve the performance of my stores? What are my shoppers looking for? Should I bring in this new product? Shoppers are more sophisticated than ever when it comes to seeking products that meet their individual needs. Most retailers realize that there is insight hidden in their sales data that could help them answer these questions and stay one step ahead in today’s competitive retail landscape, but many don’t know where to start.

In this webinar, SPINS will provide an actionable guide to using your own sales data to optimize your performance including SPINS’ recommended strategy for success and how to avoid the most common pitfalls. SPINS will share the latest trends to watch as the Natural and Specialty Market continues to drive growth in the market. Whether you are new to analytics or elbows deep in it, all audiences can expect to come away with tangible examples to more effectively use data to drive their growth.

SPINS, the industry’s source of wellness-focused data technology, is excited to partner with NGA to give independent grocers the competitive edge and the power to stay ahead of trends in the marketplace. SPINS helps retailers reach their shoppers more effectively by enriching their sales data to shed light on unique attributes driving shopper decisions at shelf – like nutrition facts, certifications, diets, allergens. Retailers leverage SPINS’ business tools to make smarter, data-driven decisions that drive operational efficiency, unlock revenue opportunities and enhance shopper satisfaction – all free of cost.

Join us August 28th at 2:00pm!