Webinar: Growing Opportunities for Food Recovery in Today’s Grocery Stores

Wednesday, August 7

2:00 PM
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From new mobile technology to the expanding food rescue networks, opportunities for food recovery are growing nationally. Join the Center for EcoTechnology (CET) as they share strategies across the EPA’s hierarchy for recovering wasted food in today’s supermarkets. The session will cover topics such as food waste reduction technologies, food waste estimation tools, legal facts and opportunities for donation, and the collection of food scraps for composting and anaerobic digestion. Attendees will also hear success stories from grocery stores such as Big Y Foods, who will share insights and benefits of program implementation. The session’s strategies and resources will apply to businesses at all stages of food recovery efforts.

The Center for EcoTechnology (CET) is an environmental nonprofit that helps people and businesses save energy and reduce waste. CET is partnered with agencies such as the EPA, USDA, and MassDEP/RI DEM/CT DEEP to help support state and national goals for recycling and food waste reduction. CET offers free assistance to businesses and institutions interested in implementing programs to reduce and recover wasted food. They have also collaborated to develop tools utilized by businesses nationally, including the Harvard Food Law and Policy Food Donation Legal Fact Sheets and the RecyclingWorks Food Waste Estimation Tool.

Join us Wednesday, August 7th at 2:00pm EST!