The Benefits of Both Models: Using 3rd Party Platforms to Boost Your Own E-commerce Site

With the explosive growth in online grocery resulting from COVID-19, it’s time for grocers to rethink their e-commerce strategy. Third-party platforms can be used as a component of a complete omnichannel strategy, but should not be a standalone solution.

It’s time to have an e-commerce solution under your own banner instead of just participating in a marketplace with other grocers in your area. It’s also important to realize that operating an e-commerce business under your own brand won’t break the bank or disrupt your relationship with a third-party platform.

In this webinar, you’ll learn firsthand from a fellow independent grocer what it takes to operate an e-commerce business under your own banner; understand the benefits to your business in terms of shopper loyalty, brand Identity and financial performance; and hear how your own e-commerce operation can work side by side with a third-party marketplace to meet your customers wherever they may be shopping online.