SNAP Incentive Best Practices for Retailers: Insights from the 2020 Student Case Study

Nutrition incentives via the GusNIP program are an opportunity for food retailers to work together aligned with the SNAP program and incentivize healthy eating by SNAP users. What started as a “farmer’s market program” is available for all retailers interested in the loyalty, sales and overall higher purpose benefits of this program. The independent local retailer is perfectly aligned with being able to offer this program, and be part of the comprehensive solution to this need.

As part of the NGA Student Case Study Competition this past February, more than a dozen schools worked on strategies and tactics for marketing and implementation of this program. Hear how this program can benefit you and your customers. Dr. Russell J. Zwanka, chair of the Food Industry University Coalition (FIUC) and associate professor of food marketing at Western Michigan University, will be joined by a few of the students from the participating schools to facilitate a discussion on why and how this program can benefit your stores.


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