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Set in a highly engaging and collaborative atmosphere, the Independent Impact Summit will examine a number of key areas that independent grocers and their trading partners are currently facing and future issue likely to impact their business.

Tentative Sessions

How to Maintain Relevancy in an Uncertain Future
Speaker: Neil Stern, Senior Partner, McMillanDoolittle

When looking at food retail across the globe, there are clear indicators that the industry is changing at an accelerated pace.  We’ll take a look at the macro trends impacting the grocery industry and the market as a whole, from the growth of e-commerce, impact of discount retail and innovative new formats, and how this is affecting wholesalers and manufacturers in the industry. We will provide examples of a wide range of innovative concepts from brick and mortar to pure-play retailers and everything in between, showcasing best practice examples from around the world. 

Culture: The Missing Link in Employee Engagement
Speaker: Jamie Notter, Partner, Culture That Works LLC

The U.S. spends more than $1 billion every year trying to improve employee engagement, yet we haven’t moved the needle in years. Why? Because we’re solving the wrong problem and using the wrong data. In this practical session, Jamie reveals the key connection between culture and engagement, and explores how more nuanced data related to the employees’ experience of workplace culture are more likely to lead to changes that move the needle than traditional engagement data are. He’ll present a model for understanding and analyzing culture along with concrete advice for creating a practical “Culture Playbook” that delivers results in both the short and long terms. 

Consumer Trends, Transparency and Motivators: What Americans Aim for When it Comes to Food. 
Speaker: Alexandra Lewin-Zwerdling, Vice President, Research and Partnerships, IFIC Foundation

The International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation will share new research on food and consumer trends, diets and health. Data will include findings from IFIC’s annual Food & Health Survey as well as a 2018 report focused on the diets and food attitudes of lower-income Americans. The IFIC Foundation will also highlight key insights from a study examining the use of technology among older Americans when shopping for food and another recent survey on public attitudes toward the USDA’s proposed bioengineered food disclosure methodology.  

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