Doing Business in the “New Normal” Post COVID-19

As the coronavirus pandemic wears on, some states are starting to ease restrictions, allowing businesses to reopen. As an essential business, supermarkets have remained open throughout the crisis, adapting operations on the fly to the dictates of social distancing and enhanced safety and sanitation procedures. Consumers are not expected to immediately or entirely revert back to their pre-crisis shopping behaviors in the post-pandemic world, which will likely be further stressed by recession. This webinar will explore how grocers must adapt to the new normal, how adoption of ecommerce may continue to accelerate, how new shopping habits may influence daily operations and store design, and how a struggling economy may impact purchasing patterns.

David Bishop, Partner, Brick Meets Click
Mike Davidson, Executive Vice President of Retail Operations, Buehler’s Fresh Foods
Tenia Wallace, Chief Operating Officer, Decorworx
Moderator: Jim Dudlicek, Director, Communications and External Affairs, NGA