2019 Creative Choice Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2019 Creative Choice Award category winners!


Category 1: Connections through Social Media and Digital Marketing

1 – 15 Store Winner:  NuNu’s Cauliflower Boudin. Nunu’s Markets

15+ Store Winner:  $100,000 Treasure Hunt, K-VA-T Food Stores

Honorable Mention: Creating a Stir, Dorothy Lane Market

Honorable Mention: Dove March Madness, SpartanNash Company


Category 2: Connections through TV and Radio

1 – 15 Store Winner: Cecil K’s First Annual Christmas Tree Decorating Contest, Cecil K’s Hometown Market

15+ Store Winner: Coborn’s Delivers TV Spot, Coborn’s Inc.

Honorable Mention: Grilling Hack, ShopRite

Honorable Mention: TrigsToGo!, T.A. Solberg, Inc.

Honorable Mention: Market Basket Zombie, Market Basket


Category 3: Connections through Print

1 – 15 Store Winner:  Fresh Grocer Local Vendor Sale, Burns Family Neighborhood Market

15+ Store Winner:  ShopRite Celebrates Chinese New Year, ShopRite

Honorable Mention: Akins Fresh Moments, Akins Fresh Market

Honorable Mention: Introducing Local Black Angus Beef, Mackenthun’s Fine Foods

Honorable Mention: Black Friday, SpartanNash Company


Category 4: Integrated Marketing Campaign

1 – 15 Store Winner: App Launch, Macey’s

15+ Store Winner:  Festival Foods Fresh is Art Integrated Marketing Campaign, Skogen’s Festival Foods

Honorable Mention: Introducing Local Black Angus Beef, Mackenthun’s Fine Foods

Honorable Mention: Flu Season Hero, K-VA-T Food Stores

Honorable Mention: Store Pick Up, Coborn’s Inc.


Category 5: Grand Opening or Remodel

1 – 15 Store Winner: Doc’s Country Mart Grand Re-Opening, Doc’s Food Stores

15+ Store Winner:  PriceRite Innovation Stores, PriceRite

Honorable Mention: Valley Market Remodel, Associated Food Stores

Honorable Mention: Donut Dohjo, SpartanNash Company



Category 6: Single Manufacturer Event

1 – 15 Store Winner:  Nutrition Smart and Ancient Nutrition Presents: Dr. Josh Axe & Jordan Rubin. Nutrition Smart

15+ Store Winner:  Roche Bros. Launches One Mighty Mill into Retail, Roche Bros. Supermarkets

Honorable Mention: Acquistapace’s Biggest Cheese, Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket

Honorable Mention: Fiora, Coborn’s Inc.


Category 7: Store Event

1 – 15 Store Winner: Prime Rib Dinner for 2!, T.A. Solberg, Inc.

15+ Store Winner:  SHOP ‘n SAVE FY’19 Free Turkey Promotion, SHOP ‘n SAVE

Honorable Mention: Acquistapace’s Biggest Cheese, Acquistapace’s Covington Supermarket

Honorable Mention: Hatch Chile Festival, Coborn’s Inc.


Category 8: Public Service or Charitable Cause Event

1 – 15 Store Winner:  Pets Need Food Too, Walla Walla’s Harvest Foods

15+ Store Winner: Food For A Cause Campaign, Coborn’s Inc.

Honorable Mention: Market Basket Celebrity Turkey Bowl, Market Basket

Honorable Mention: Springfield Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Benefiting Special Olympics, County Market – Niemann Foods

Honorable Mention: 2018 SHOP ‘n SAVE Westmoreland County Airshow, SHOP ‘n SAVE


Category 9: Center Store/GM/HBC

1 – 15 Store Winner:  DLM Savings on the 7th Anniversary Sale. Dorothy Lane Market

15+ Store Winner: ShopRite Celebrates Chinese New Year, ShopRite

Honorable Mention: Five-Alarm Frenzy, Macey’s

Honorable Mention: Making Food a Star, Bristol Farms

Honorable Mention: Brothers Marketplace Private Label Launch, Roche Bros. Supermarkets


Category 10: Perimeter Departments

1 – 15 Store Winner:  Turkey Red Wheat: Our Field of Dreams, Dorothy Lane Market

Honorable Mention: Macey’s Mango Mania, Macey’s

Honorable Mention: The Fresh Divide, SpartanNash Company


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