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2018 Outstanding Marketer and Outstanding Merchandiser

Outstanding Marketer
Outstanding Marketer was awarded to Lowe’s Market, located in Littlefield, Texas, for its “What’s For Dinner” campaign, designed to create a buzz in-store and increase sales. To drive sales, Lowe’s Market periodically released specials which included a full meal of free items if the customer purchased a specified meat or entrée item.

Outstanding Merchandiser
Outstanding Merchandiser was awarded to Quincy County Market, located in Quincy, Illinois, for its entry “American Flag Made of 2,028 Cupcakes.”  The County Market bakery department orchestrated the creation of the giant American flag, and sold cupcakes for $1 each raising funds for a local Illinois veterans home.

2018 Category Winners


Category 1: Connections through Social Media and Digital Marketing

1 – 15 Store Winner:  Nutrition Smart - Mobile Opt-In Campaign, Nutrition Smart

15+ Store Winner: What’s For Dinner, Lowe’s Market

Honorable Mention: Jerry's Good2Go Online Ordering, Jerry's Foods
Honorable Mention: Henderson's IGA Music Videos. Henderson’s IGA
Honorable Mention: Harp’s Food Stores, Inc , 3 Day Produce Sale 

Category 2: Connections through TV and Radio

1 – 15 Store Winner: Macey’s Moments, Macey’s

15+ Store Winner: Toddler Taste Test Videos, Quincy County Market

Honorable Mention: 
KUTV Backyard BBQ Sponsored by Macey’s, Macey’s
Honorable Mention: Right Here, Food City 

Category 3: Connections through Print

1 – 15 Store Winner:  Newport Avenue Market “Experts” Campaign, Newport Avenue Market 

15+ Store Winner:  Cub Quick & Easy Meals, Cub Foods

Honorable Mention: 
Local Is Right Here!, Walla Walla's Harvest Foods
Honorable Mention: DLM Bridal Showcase, Dorothy Lane Market 
Honorable Mention: 2017 SHOP ‘n SAVE Westmoreland County International Airshow – Honoring Arnold Palmer, SHOP ‘n SAVE

Category 4: Integrated Marketing Campaign

1 – 15 Store Winner: Daily Harvest Values!, Walla Walla's Harvest Foods

15+ Store Winner:  MORE Rewards 2.0 Launch, Coborn’s, Inc.

Honorable Mention: BasketLift, LaBonne’s Market
Honorable Mention: Great Meals Start Fresh, Food City 

Category 5: Grand Opening or Remodel

1 – 15 Store Winner: Macey’s Murray Grand Opening, Macey’s

15+ Store Winner:  10Box Springdale Grand Opening, Harp’s Food Stores, Inc.

Honorable Mention: Grand Opening, Dick’s Fresh Market
Honorable Mention: Albertville, Coborn’s, Inc.


Category 6: Single Manufacturer Event

1 – 15 Store Winner:  Acquistapace's Wisconsin Cheese Extravaganza, Acquistapace's Covington Supermarket 

15+ Store Winner:  Purina - Pet Photo Contest & Buy a Bag Give a Bag program, Houchens Industries

Honorable Mention: How To Show Your Faith in Private Brands, Karns Foods
Honorable Mention: It Happens, Harp’s Food Stores

Category 7: Store Event

1 – 15 Store Winner:  Chocolate -Covered Strawberry Dipping, Dorothy Lane Market

15+ Store Winner:  Produce Sidewalk Sales, McKay’s Foods and Pharmacy

Honorable Mention: Newport Avenue Market Meet the Producers Store Event, Newport Avenue Market
Honorable Mention: 
10Box Mother’s Day Floral Extravaganzas, Harps Food Stores, Inc.

Category 8: Public Service or Charitable Cause Event

1 – 15 Store Winner:  Bags for Bees, Honey Bee Produce Company

15+ Store Winner: American Flag Made of 2,028 Cupcakes, Quincy County Market

Honorable Mention: Shine a Light on Hunger, Storman’s Inc.
Honorable Mention: 2017 SHOP ‘n SAVE Westmoreland County International Airshow – Honoring Arnold Palmer, SHOP n’ SAVE 

Category 9: Center Store/GM/HBC

1 – 15 Store Winner:  One Day Case Sale Event - Introduction of Our Family, a New Private Brand, Leppink's Food Centers

15+ Store Winner:  Miner's Inc. Letter Carrier's Food Drive, Burning Tree Rd Super One

Honorable Mention: Cosset Partnership at Macey’s, Macey’s
Honorable Mention: Remke Markets Private Label, Remke Markets, Inc
Honorable Mention: Employee Kick Off Event, Shoppers Value Foods-Van Buren 

Category 10: Perimeter Departments

1 – 15 Store Winner:  Newport Avenue Market What’s for Dinner Tuesday, Newport Avenue Market

15+ Store Winner:  Misfit Produce, Coborn’s, Inc.

Honorable Mention:Trig's Summer of Salmon, Trig’s
Honorable Mention:Truck Load Meat Selling, Merchants Distributors Incorporated

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