Advocacy & Legal Fund

NGA Advocacy & Legal Fund

The NGA Advocacy & Legal Fund is a pivotal member funded resource that helps NGA advance the policy interests of the independent supermarket industry on Capitol Hill, before federal agencies, and the courts by providing the financial resources that are necessary to defeat legislation, regulations, and advance causes that impact our members' bottom line. 

The NGA Advocacy Legal Fund enables NGA to

Offer an Employment and Labor Counsel hotline free for NGA members, providing access to legal counsel on issues important to your business

Provide financial support for coalitions to various groups with similar interests in Washington, DC

Enable our small lobbying team to expand our capacity and output to influence numerous key NGA member priorities

Present NGA members with educational opportunities and free webinars from various issue experts

Maintain a platform that allows grocers to easily send letters to their Members of Congress

Support our legal defense work to fight for grocers in court and provide legal counsel to NGA members

Develop to regulatory and compliance resources exclusively available to NGA members.

The Advocacy and Legal Fund is more important than ever as we leverage funding to help NGA members navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. NGA has led on key issues that would not have been possible without your financial support. It’s critical we meet our fundraising goals for 2020, but we still have a long way to go. As a reminder, you can deduct the contribution as a regular business expense. We recognize donors in our year-end report, on the NGA website, and in signage at NGA’s events including the 2021 Show.  

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