2018 Annual Report

For nearly 40 years, NGA has been the voice of the independent supermarket industry in Washington, DC and across the nation. We are proud to stand up for Main Street supermarkets and fight to achieve wins that allow them to grow their businesses, create jobs, and serve their communities.

2018 was a time of growth and continued change, not only in our industry, but also across our nation. NGA attained several important victories for independent grocers through regulatory reform and in the passage of the Farm Bill. At the same time, the results of the mid-term elections ushered in a new era of divided government in our nation’s capital and in many states as well. While these changes may present some challenges for our industry, they also present opportunities, and NGA has already begun to work to advance priorities that support the independent
supermarket industry.

Through our strength in numbers, we achieved another record-breaking NGA Show, saw our NGA Foundation continue to grow in support of tomorrow’s industry leaders, witnessed engagement by our members through countless share group meetings and ended the year in Washington, DC with another successful set of Fall Leadership Meetings.

The 2018 Annual Report gives an in-depth look into the successes that the year brought.