Fraudulent Coupon Alerts

Voluntary Guidelines for Digital Coupons

Produced by the Joint Industry Coupon Committee (JICC), Voluntary Guidelines for Digital Coupons, shares model digital coupon practices in order to ensure a positive experience for consumers, proper settlement for retailers and effective and well-controlled promotions for manufacturers.

The Guidelines include:

  • An overview of the digital coupon lifecycle for those new to the topic
  • Standardized file layouts for set-up and redemption
  • Recommendations for validation of digital coupons without using visible barcodes
  • A checklist of key control points
  • Recommendations for clear coupon design
  • A discussion of stacking prevention and audits
  • The eight process components needed to prevent fraud

The Guidelines highlight the key distinctions between digital and paper coupons, including the presence of barcode data, distribution methods, consumer acquisition and presentment, purchase validation and offer set-up at point of sale.

The JICC is made up of member companies from NGA, GMA, and FMI. The JICC considers the Voluntary Coupon Guidelines complimentary to the GS1 Digital Coupon Management Standard Specification. The JICC plans to work with the GS1–U.S. Member Organization to ensure clear communication of both important standards documents.

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2014 Fraudulent Coupon Alerts

Use of Internet Counterfeit Coupons on the Rise

NGA has recently had a number of retailers and wholesalers contact the Counterfeit Coupons organization seeing an increase in counterfeit coupons. NGA would like to share a new easy-to-read poster designed to assist your store personnel in recognizing legitimate Internet coupons. The poster provides tips for cashiers to look for certain elements within the coupons such as no free/high-value offers, obvious alternations, unusually long expiration periods, and other features and design elements.

 Click here to download the poster

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